Beauty Fields Acrylic Nail and Shellac Nail Treatment Examples


Fingers and Toes


Beauty Fields offer both manicures and pedicures and will make your natural nails beautiful with long-lasting shellac nail colour treatments, or extend your own nails with acrylic nail extensions. Shellac is cured using a UV lamp, and lasts longer than regular nail varnish with a glossier result. Acrylic nail extensions can give you any shape and length you want and are more durable than other types of manicures. They are long lasting but may need infills after 2 or 3 weeks.

Acrylic Nails
Acrylic nail extensions £30
Acrylic nail extensions with Shellac £40
2 week in-fills (shellac) £30
2 week in-fills (polish) £21
Individual nail mends from £3.50
Soak off prior to new set (Acrylic) £9.50
Soak off and mini manicure £15
Shellac Gel Polish
Shellac colour £22.50
Shellac with glitter £25
Shellac with full manicure/pedicure £33
Shellac soak off prior to new Shellac £25
Soak off and mini manicure £15
Shellac soak off £8
Manicure & Pedicure
Full manicure or pedicure £21
Mini manicure or pedicure £15